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It has been empirically validated that scheduling sessions on a consistent basis results in a higher rate of positive outcome. Clinicians at Advantage are devoted to the highest level of care for the client’s we get to serve. In light of that commitment, we are only taking clients who are committed to scheduling weekly sessions. If you have questions about any of these options or if you wish to inquire about the services we offer please call (913)-735-6272.

Couples Counseling

We work with couples fighting for a deeper emotional connection with each other. Several couples feel stuck experiencing ineffective conflict where both partners feel unheard and hurt. While others feel as though they are simply co-existing and left longing for something more.

We foster the couple’s ability to understand what is happening underneath the surface of their conflict with an emphasis on emotions and relational needs. As each partner’s emotions are owned and explored they begin to develop a new language to reach for their partner in a way that often elicits the response they are hoping for. This process isn’t easy and requires a lot of courage. But a unified commitment to the relationship is the most important element to help you experience the closeness you long for. 


Individual Therapy

If there’s one thing I’ve learned it is that we are both broken and healed in relationship. We need people whether we like it or not to grow and to thrive. I hope to provide a highly relational space where my clients can feel deeply understood and get the sense that they are not going through life alone.

A therapeutic relationship often begins with providing some stability when life can feel somewhat out of control and then proceeds with understanding emotional and relational patterns that tend to manifest themselves over and over again in a person’s life. I’d be honored to be in relationship with you to facilitate more of you showing up in the world.


Group Therapy


An interpersonal growth group moves beyond accountability and curriculum to address intimacy difficulties members experience that hide underneath sexual addictions. Oftentimes, people struggling with sexual addiction did not receive enough emotional comfort and soothing from the adults or partner’s in their lives, which can become a catalyst for looking to have relational needs met in non-relational ways. Many times people turn to pornography and other sexual acting-out behaviors to achieve a sense of artificial closeness and soothing that gradually leads to an ever-increasing appetite for those behaviors, an ever-increasing experience of shame and isolation, and a decreasing sense of satisfaction and connection with others and God. Many times sexual acting-out numbs the hard emotions a person doesn’t know how to acknowledge or express.

The way out of this vicious cycle is primarily through learning to ‘do connection’ with real people, so there is less of a compulsion to go to act-out and numb emotion. Interpersonal growth groups are led by a Licensed Professional Counselor, and can be understood as “classrooms for connection”;  where members learn how to recognize what is happening inside of them, share their experience with other people, and learn how to give supportive responses and empathy to others. As members grow in their capacity to connect vulnerably and work through difficulties in relationships with other members, they can then translate those gains to close relationships outside of group.

Cost: $35 Per Session




This is an 8-week group that is designed to support the growth of couples that are integrating the principles of Emotionally Focused Therapy into their relationship. This group will be co-facilitated by Andrea Dermyer, LCMFT. If interested, feel free to email Andrea at andrea@acckc.com. 



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