Hi, I’m Alex

I’m a counselor who is fascinated with life and passionate about coming alongside people in their journey toward healing and wholeness.

I practice from a core belief that we are formed, broken, and healed within relationship. I have come to this belief through navigating my own life difficulties and how caring connection and understanding was the vehicle that moved me to better places internally and externally.

Concerns I’ve helped with

Couples where everything seems to turn into blow ups
Couples who are fearful of upsetting each other
Couples navigating infidelity or differences in parenting styles
Performance based worth
Uncontrolled anger
Hollow internal feelings
Not-good-enough feelings
Unwanted habits

People who tend to be a good fit

“Do“-ers rather than “be”-ers
Business folk
Men who have difficulty identifying feelings

Licenses, Certifications, and Trainings

Licensed clinical professional counselor with an MA in counseling

Sexual Addiction Treatment Provider certified

Fully trained in Building Lasting Connection Workshop

Completion of training and supervision for Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples

Understanding your uniqueness

I recognize that my personality and skill set will not be the best fit for every person and difficulty. You are unique and are worthy of having someone you feel is the right person to hold your story.

With that said, I would be happy to have a free 15-minute phone consultation with you to hear a bit about what has led you to pursue counseling, for me to offer some of my experience and my approach to working with those issues, and then determine together what next steps are. I am looking forward to connecting with you!

A bit about my personal life


I am married and have a son


I am way too into pickleball


I love having game nights


I enjoy reading